Monday, February 27, 2006

Ports managed by Foreigners? Any news going on?

Just when you thought it couldn't get more funny but pathetic for this Administration, from the blunders they have amassed, the Bush/Cheney dynamic duo along with the ever popular Karl Rove, misjudged Congress and the American peoples' reaction over this Port management deal with United Arab Emirates. You must admit the media hasn't talked much about Katrina, the delay by Cheney in reporting the accidental shooting of his supporter, wire-tapping of Americans without the FISA Court approval, prisoners at GITMO, the beginning of a Civil War in Iraq, the porous border with Mexico, the flood of illegal immigrants into the Southwest and the rest of the country, the investigations into Rep. Tom Delay and Sen. Bill Frist, the Jack Abramoff scandal where he pleaded guilt to 3 felony counts and his talking that is supposed to send many to jail in Congress, the investigation into the CIA leak by Dick Cheney through Scooter Libbey, and the slow unraveling of this lame duck presidency, just in time for the mid-term elections of 2006 and the preparations being made for a run for the Presidency in 2008 by both Republicans and Democrats alike. God I can't wait. Nothing for Americans going on to pay much attention to, is there? :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Why it took so long for Cheney to report the shooting.

Could it be that he was under the influence of either medication or alcohol and that is why the delay to report this shooting incident to the police, the President and the media for so long? What other motives could explain it? The reasoning that care of the victim was the immediate concern is ridiculous. All it takes is a call to 911 and an ambulance will arrive in 5 minutes. Why did the Secret Service not allow police to interview the VP? Nothing makes sense except he was not in a proper condition to be examined over the incidence by authorities. Maybe he feared an alcohol check. Give me another reason that makes sense.

UPDATE: February 16, 7:45pm PST

Now we find out that Cheney admits to having "a beer" at noon on the day of the shooting. No follow-up questions like, was it only one beer Mr. Cheney? Did you have any other alcoholic beverages that day Mr. Cheney? Are you taking any medications that interact with alcohol Mr. Cheney and di you take your medication that day Mr. Cheney as prescribed? I heard a question or two on Wolf Blitzer today with Paul Begala. Paul was on to something but got hindered by Wolf saying the facts aren't known. That's the problem isn't it. To me this still smells fishy. If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish and is slippery like a fish, it's a fish Mr. VP.

Friday, February 10, 2006

VP Cheney- the center of the deception

As the quote goes from the radio series back in the 1940's, the Shadow, I quote, "WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE HEARTS OF MEN?" The answer, Dick Cheney knows! Our present day Darth-Vader has done everything in his power (and outside his power AND the Constitution) to circumvent the law, moral principles of honesty and justice, as well as ethics, in the name of patriotism. Another leader did this successfully in the 1930's through similar legal means to grab power and limit freedoms to an unsuspecting people. His name was Adolf Hitler (read the history of his rise to power and check it out for yourself).

This Vice President is a very dangerous man. I posted here back in July 2005 and Oct. 2005 that I suspected Cheney was behind the leak and that Judith Miller, NY Times reporter, may have been so concerned to leak this powerful VP's name as the source of the leak, she might rather go to jail for 60 days. The latest revelation was his leading role in directing Scooter Libby to leak the name of Valerie Plame to the media, in a well coordinated smear campaign against her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, an outspoken critic of the Administration in the buildup to the war in Iraq. This was done in an attempt to discredit him because he brought to light there was no Nigerian connection to suspected Nuclear grade material acquisition, by Saddam's regime in Iraq.

In addition to this, today we learn from a former senior CIA official, that not only did the VP cherry pick National Intelligence to make the case for war in Iraq, but he also made it quite clear that he only wanted information to back this view from analysts in the CIA. The CIA, we now hear, told the VP and the Administration that there would be a strong insurgency after the invasion that needed to be planned for. This advice was also not heeded nor brought before Congress because it might have altered the vote to authorize the President to go to war.

And now the VP has asked fellow Republicans to embrace the use of wire-tapping on Americans without the FISA Court authority, as a campaign issue in the 2006 mid-term elections. Mr. Vice President, I'm sorry, but it is illegal. As Chris Mathews said on Hardball today, there is no Executive authority given a Vice President in the Constitution, other than voting to break a tie in the Senate and standing in for the President if the President should become incapacitated. That's it! So stop violating the laws and assuming powers that you do not have.

Dear reader, as an American and patriot, if this troubles you, it should. You must start to ask serious questions of your elected officials now or this behavior will ruin our country forever. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, the day of reckoning is upon us. Republicans must restore confidence back in the rule of law and it must provide serious oversight of this Administration. The upcoming review and approval of the Patriot Act must ensure checks and balances and a limit on intrusion of our Freedoms. It should not be called the Patriot Act, as it is not a proper name for this legislation. It should be called the "Intrusion on Individual Freedoms Act." And this Administration has tried to stack the Supreme Court with people who will rule that everything they are doing is perfectly fine and within the powers given to the President in times of war. He now has an Attorney General in place in Alberto Gonzales, that is ruling on his own postions while he was General Counsel to the President and advising him that the use of torture was OK, as is wire-tapping on Americans without the FISA Court warrants. Can't you see the obvious conflict of interest here and that an Independent Counsel should be appointed to look into these matters and the Attorney General should recuse himself from reviewing any of these decisions?

Loyalty to the Administration is understandable from any political party, but loyalty to this country and preserving its freedom and integrity is the most important thing an elected official can do. It is a sworn oath, not just to all of us Americans but also, more importantly, to God. The arrogance of this Vice President and President to do whatever they want under the guise of protecting us, is appalling and disgusting to me. I am ashamed of this Administration and ashamed how we have behaved in this world in the past 5-6 years. I was with this President, as was the world after Sept. 11th. He and the Vice President have squandered this sympathy, good will, and connection to other people of the world who were completely with us and wanting to help us stop terrorism in the world. Now we have few allies and a world divided over how we should collectively deal with Iran, North Korea, the Palestinian landslide victory of Hamas, and how to proceed to secure the peace and a 2 State solution in the Middle East, and other vital world issues. Wake up America, please Wake up! We are at a new low as a nation and winning in the Olympics isn't what's really important. Wake Up America!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Surprise, surprise!

Secretary of State Condi Rice declares that no one in the Administration saw the possibility of a strong victory for Hamas in the recent Palestinian elections. Is this a surprise? Is this the same Adminstration we are trusting with gathering Intelligence on Al Qaida, when they can't even do a secret poll of Palestinians and determine if they would win big? The same Administration that is wire-tapping Americans without Court approval. This Administration doesn't have a contigency plan for this miscalculation, except to ask Mahmoud Abbas to stay on and not quit the government. God help us all and especially those fools that keep trusting this Administration to get it right. I have said it before and I say it again, "Wake Up America!"
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