Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Headline reads: Mukasey refuses to judge waterboarding

With the Judiciary Chairman's patience running out, Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D) of Vt., can't believe that Attorney General Michael Mukasey's refused to define waterboarding as torture. He has infuriated Democrats on the Committee and he surely will face a hostile Committee today, when they question him in detail regarding his latest response.

The reason he will not render a simple legal opinion is because if he rules that it is torture, it puts not only the CIA officials in legal jeopardy, but also it would raise the possibility that both President Bush, VP Cheney, Rumsfeld and former CIA head George Tenet have condoned and defied our rule of law and the Geneva Convention. However, this is the truth of what they have condoned and there should be consequences if we are a nation of laws.

They claim it is justified but in truth, don't all those that torture justify it for one reason or another. The purpose of the Geneva Convention was to hold to account all signatories of the Treaty in a common understanding of what was right and what was wrong. If the Administration under President Bush and VP Cheney believe they were correct in the use of this technique to gain vital information to protect our nation against more terrorist attacks, they should be willing to go before the American people and let the legal battle play out here and if necessary, in the World Court. Otherwise we mock our Constitution and they mock the oath they swore to on their own personal Bibles. I ask these self proclaimed Christians, what would Jesus do? I believe you all have violated your own beliefs and values as a Christian.

To read the main news article for this post click here.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hillary's so called win in Florida is predictive of to what ends the Clinton's are willing to go to win the Nomination.

So Hillary claims a victory where Obama and other candidates agreed not to compete. Hillary was telling Floridians that she would do everything she could to get them to have representation at the Convention even though she and other candidates agreed to the Rules. It is yet another example of how the Clinton's with their politics of the past plan to steal if necessary the election having learned much from the Bush 2000 and 2004 election. The question will be front and center during the Convention and those of us who smell a rat in the making need to call it like we see it.

Hillary can say she didn't compete but there is a fine line between campaigning and fund raising and she did that in Florida. She apparently has no intention to keep her word as Barack and the other candidates had made to the Democratic National Committee. Barack is correct when he says the Clinton's are willing to do whatever is necessary to win (steal) the election. Is this who you want to elect in your primary to represent the Democrats in the 2008 Election. It certainly isn't who I would want. She is behaving just like Bush and the Right Wing of the Republican pafrty that would do anything to win. Maybe she is using unemployed Karl Rove to give her advice.

I'm tired of it and I hope you are too.

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Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama was inspiring

I swear Sen. Ted Kennedy lifted some of my messages to the voters from my earlier posts. But Kennedy displayed the courage of what the Kennedy's have been know for, when he endorsed Barack and went after every snip made at Barack by the Clinton's. It was as much an inspirational endorsement, as Barack has given us in recent speeches.

But this morning I realized the media is also part of the problem. Since the endorsement they have been trying to see if Clinton bites at their enticing bait to comment on Barack and the Kennedy endorsement. So far Bill Clinton has not been tempted. Let's hope he continues to use wiser judgment. The media keeps saying Hillary is in the lead. Why don't they just wait till we all have spoken to report news rather than being a part of the story.

Again, the real question is will people vote for their aspirations or vote based upon their fears.

Time will tell if it has a positive effect on those that are still to vote. Many here in California like myself have already voted absentee

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Monday, January 28, 2008

The true "State of the Union": What you won't be told.

President Bush is about to give his "State of the Union" speech tonight. He most likely will start his speech in the first 2 minutes with the following familiar line, "The State of our Union is strong!" He will not be telling us the truth. He will have to lie to us, because the real truth would panic the American people. In turn this would panic world markets unlike anything in our history or the history of the world.

Here are some truths that will scare you and will test your knowledge:

Q. What do you think is the size of our national Debt?
A. Our Official National Debt is $9 Trillion dollars?

Q. Do you believe that number is a true number and represents the total debt of our country?
A. It doesn't!

Q. What would you guess our real National Debt is?
A. At the precise moment of recording this here it is $55,203,538,766,087.00. However by the time I hit the Publish button at the bottom of this entry it will have increased by $1 million dollar for each 15 seconds.

Q. How long would it take to pay this amount off?
A. If we paid it off at a rate of $1 Million per day, it would take us 3,000 years to pay it off.

If you would like to check these facts out for yourself, go to the Institute for Truth in Accounting web site by clicking on the words:
Truth in 2008.Org and check the facts out for yourself. It will give you an education on the one hand and scare you on the other. It is one of the most informative web sites on the real financial health (or should I say sickness), of our country. We should ask all the Presidential candidates what they plan to do about the real debt.

Oh, and one last thing:

Q. Do you know your share of paying off this debt?
A. $182,000.00 per person for every man woman and child in this country.

Feel like you're holding your own? Think again!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sen. Obama's win: Will Super Tuesday bring hope to America or more of the same politic.

I was excited by Obama's acceptance speech tonight. It spoke to my inner core of an America of the future we can be proud once again about. Also, Caroline Kennedy in tomorrow's Op-Ed piece for the NY Times is quoted as saying, "I can finally vote for President for someone like my Dad." JFK was inspirational as a leader, as is Barack Obama. The big question of the evening is this: Will the country have the courage to vote for their interests or against their interests? In past electiosn we have voted against our own interests.

It is understandable that the Clinton's want to minimize this loss in South Carolina. I would if I were them too. But one fact seems astounding. If anyone would have said that the Clintons were going to get the Black vote in South Carolina a few years ago, no one would have been surprised. Tonight, not only did Barack Obama win the Black vote by a spectacular victory but he also won the white voters and also won the youth vote. Today will go down in history as a memorable point in time when America was choosing hope and aspiration, over fear politics and the rhetoric of inside the Beltway.

I can see a match-up between McCain and Obama that goes something like this:

Do you want to vote the past or the future? Do you want to vote for someone who supports our troops being in Iraq for 100 years, or would you want to vote for someone who will bring the troops home with honor? Do you want to vote for someone who has always supported the policy of George Bush and caved in on his principles and decided to support Bush's position on the use of torture when Bush asked for his support, or would you want to vote for someone who opposed the use of torture and voted that way consistently?

The choice is clear.

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You get politics as usual with Hillary. Obama deserves a chance to change that.

What disgusts me most about the Democratic race for the Presidential nomination, is how low both Hillary and Bill are willing to go to get the nomination. This behavior rallies the Republicans and then we are back to politics as usual for the General election.

It's time the American people blow the whistle on this type politic and relegate it to history rather than continue it into the future. We have a chance to change it if we have the courage to seize the moment. It is that precious moment I have been waiting for my entire life. We have a chance to heal the racial divide, once and for all. Will the American people stand up and be counted? It will take the younger voters to vote for this change as so many of my age bracket are stuck in a state of unconsciousness

Remember, we neither get the President we want or don't want. We get the President we deserve by the mindset we bring to the voting booth. DON'T ALLOW YOUR FEARS TO CHOOSE THE NEXT PRESIDENT, BUT RATHER YOUR ASPIRATIONS. It's an easy choice then.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

World Stock markets tumble with a President that no one believes when he speaks. A very bad combo!

There is no one in this Administration, especially President Bush, who can calm fears in this volatile stock market. In past years we believed our Presidents who came out to calm us all in the face of a recession. This President has spent all his "capital" on the lies of the war in Iraq and on the political fears he used to get his surveillance measures through the Congress. Now no matter what he says, no one is listening.

Recently I wrote that even though we had only a year left in the Bush presidency, he could still do a lot of damage in the remainder of his term. It looks as though he isn't resting until he has a perfect record of being the worst President in history. That will be his legacy for all time. He deserves what he gets. It's called "karma".

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bush and bankruptcy are a familiar couple. Now the world knows!

A year has passed since I wrote a post on President Bush that seems to best fit the day today, given the stock market crashes around the world. However, Bush has taken his experience with personal bankruptcy to a whole new level. He now has figured out how to bankrupt the entire world. Here is what I wrote one year ago on January 13th, 2007:

“The only thing this President seems to have learned from his past is how to create bankruptcy conditions.

1) He bankrupt his Oil company. From the lessons learned he started in his Presidency to create the same for the Nation by the following:

2) His is bankrupting our Country with debt
3) He has bankrupt our Military - both equipment wise and manpower strength
4) He has bankrupt our Freedoms with such actions as eavesdropping on phone conversations of any American without FISA Court approval, signing statements which defy laws he has signed into law and other Unconstitutional acts.
5) He has bankrupt our Trust in oversight with a Republican led Congress that turned their head away at his choices, while they held their noses from the stench.
6) He has bankrupt our Trust in a fair Judicial system, by appointing Justices that will approve of his antics and rewrite history as far as settled law.
7) He has bankrupt the Vision for millions of people around the world who thought of the USA as a place of Hope and replaced that Vision as a country of arrogance and spite for our friends as well as our enemies.
8) He has bankrupt the use of Diplomacy, as no country believes him nor trusts him anymore. We are mostly alone in the world now. Colin Powell's speech will go down in history as how the US distorted truth for the self interest of a few of its leaders; the President and the Vice President.
9) He has bankrupt our willingness to be eager for the words of our President, when he gives a speech or an address, to the Nation. We are weary of his lies and twisted truth to us.
10) He has bankrupt and shattered the idea of our President being a Statesman because of his intellect and pursuit of noble causes to help the poor of the world and in stopping wars and promoting peace in the world.”

Today, January 22, 2008, I add this. He has now started the biggest stock market crash in world history in his quest to bankrupt every living thing and government.

Need I go on! Shame, shame, shame Mr. President. We need a “Tough Love” intervention called IMPEACHMENT

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bush and Cheney's pandering to the Saudi Royal family must stop now

That's right. These 2 Oil men are putting their personal needs ahead of our country's needs and it must stop. We need to elect a President who doesn't hold hands with the head of State whose citizens flew planes into our NY office buildings. This President authorized the Bin Laden family members, which were in the United States when 9/11 happened to be able to leave our country when all planes were grounded on 9/11. Saudi Arabia is the same country that has not cracked down on the clerics and schools that preach hatred against us.

Americans must wake up and demand we get off the addiction of foreign oil and the phony relationships we have with their leaders. The solution unfortunately doesn't exist with the candidates fro President in the Republican Party, with the exception of Ron Paul. But it does with any of the Democratic choices for President, but mostly with Barack Obama and John Edwards. We have got to get smarter as citizens, because when we are not involved nor paying attention to what the candidates say, the last election we got the President we deserved. Hopefully this time, Americans are awakening and will choose more wisely.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mike McConnell, National Intelligence Director, take a bow!

Finally, one of the most senior people in the Bush Administration has had the courage to stand up and declare that "water boarding" is torture. The timing is terrific with President Bush in the Middle East. McConnell is quoted in an article today by the New Yorker magazine. Finally, there is someone within the Administration with some backbone. McConnell wouldn't classify whether the technique categorically should be considered torture but is quoted as saying, "If I had water draining down my nose, oh God, I just can't imagine how painful! Whether it's torture by anybody else's definition, for me it would be torture."

Mike McConnell, for anybody, it would be considered torture, and that is the absurdity of the dialogue surrounding this issue. You say the reason you wouldn't categorically define it as torture is for "legal reasons". Yes, we know what the legal concerns are. If it were categorically defined as torture both of your bosses, President Bush and Vice President Cheney, could be brought up to the World Court and would stand trial for War Crimes. Yes, we understand why you might be reluctant to define it for "legal reasons" as torture, but we all know the game that is being played here. It most certainly IS a violation of the Geneva Convention and defines one of the saddest moments in ther 200 years of our history.

We need to consider to elect a President who would be willing to turn over those 2 pretend leaders of our, country to a World Court, which would judge any other leader equally guilty of what these men have promoted and authorized in the name of protecting us. We can not, as a nation, be above the rule of law of the world and expect to be seen as fair and just as a society and of the stature we all want to have back as a nation. We want to be, once again, proud of who we are, in this experiment called “democracy,” which is still in its infancy. As much as I am ashamed of it, we as a country of citizens are not mature enough or conscious enough to be citizens of the world. Heck, many of us aren't even conscious enough to be citizens of this country in the spirit of its legacy. The Founding Fathers were so amazingly conscious of the implications of what they embarked upon. They are now turning in their graves, as to what we have allowed President Bush, Vice President Cheney and former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, to get away with in regards to not upholding the Constitution and the Treaties we have signed in good faith with most of the world.

Do you, as a person reading this post, have the courage and consciousness as a citizen, to ever consider turning over any of our leaders, who may have violated laws of the world, to a World Court? If not, when would you, and under what conditions would you? You see, we demand that every other country in the world comply with our wishes and turn over their leaders to the World Court, when offenses against humanity occur. Torture is an offense against humanity and if you think “water boarding” isn’t, maybe you should try it out on yourself. McConnell has thought about it and I say Bravo!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ouch, that got to sting Sen. Edwards!

Sen. John Kerry has come out in favor of Sen. Barack Obama yesterday as his former running mate, Sen. John Edwards feels the sting of the Obama endorsement. It shouldn't be a surprise since of the two candidates, Sen. Obama seems to be resonating more with voters of Iowa and New Hampshire. Kerry is from neighboring Massachusetts and isn't a fan of Hillary's since losing the election to Bush, as many claimed the Clintons didn't do enough to support Kerry in his bid for President. But the other piece often left out of this conversation was that John Edwards didn't carry as much of the South as was needed, and the same is true this time. Obama will win in South Carolina at least over Edwards and that is John Edwards' back yard.

Sen. Kerry was wise to get on Board early in his support for Obama. But Ouch, that got to sting for Edwards!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Wins N.H. and N.H. disappoints America

New Hampshire voters allowed their pride and Yankee stubbornness to resurrect Hillary in the 2008 Presidential Primary. She won 39% to Obama's 37% of the vote. It was a big mistake for New Hampshire, and a lost opportunity for America. But the voters there have spoken and now we must hope that the loss for Sen. Obama will only ignite more primary voters in other states to make a clearer statement. Hillary may feel good about her win, but when you think she only got 39% of the vote and has not garnered 50% of the vote, this speaks volumes to me and should to you. Her negatives allowed Obama to get 37% and Edwards got 17% of the vote and Richardson got 5%. If you think about it, about 60% of the voters don't want Hillary. She can't win in a general election because of her high negatives. Wake up America. Sen. Obama can win.

Part of the reason Sen. Obama lost was because many Independent voters decided they wanted to save Sen. John McCain and did not vote Democratic. Sen. Obama should go on to South Carolina and Nevada and have more attention. He would win if the other candidates such as Sen. Edwards decided to get out of the race. However, Gov. Bill Richardson, who is really wanting to be Vice President and has as much stated so, will be in the race to spoil Sen. Obama's chances by taking votes away from him, which strengthens Hillary's hand. It is possible that Sen. Edwards is doing the same thing. Time will tell, but Super Tuesday is only a month away!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An Open letter to voters in the New Hampshire Primary

Will you hear and give voice to the call for change and once again restore America's once noble image by daring to vote for Sen. Barack Obama to heal the divide between us as a people, or will your vanity prevent you from following Iowan's lead and voting overwhelmingly for Sen. Barack Obama. New Hampshire likes to take the lead, to be different and has a proud tradition in U.S. politics and especially in picking our dream candidates. But with over 45% of the voters in New Hampshire choosing to be Independents, rather than Republicans or Democrats, we hope you are wise enough to know this is the moment in time where you must put your pride in your pocket and vote courageously for Sen. Barack Obama.

Tomorrow, you will make us very proud of you if you do this today when you vote. You have a chance to save our country or be a spoiler. It's up to you.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

McGovern joins the voices for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

In this CNN article below McGovern calls on Democrats to have some courage and show some statesmanship and impeach both Bush and Cheney. Here's the piece:

McGovern: Time to impeach Bush
Posted: 08:42 PM ET

McGovern is calling for Bush and Cheney to be impeached.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – George McGovern, the Democratic Party's 1972 nominee for president, is calling on Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

And in an editorial in Sunday's Washington Post, McGovern writes the case for impeaching the current president is "far stronger" than the case made against former President Richard Nixon — the man who soundly defeated McGovern in the general election match up.

"Bush and Cheney are clearly guilty of numerous impeachable offenses," McGovern writes. "They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time.

"Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world," he continued.

McGovern, a former three-term senator who ran for president on a fiercely anti-war platform, also called the administration's policy in Iraq a "a murderous, illegal, nonsensical war" in violation of international law.

"This reckless disregard for life and property, as well as constitutional law, has been accompanied by the abuse of prisoners, including systematic torture, in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions of 1949," he added.

But McGovern acknowledged there is little bipartisan support for an impeachment effort, blaming "superficial partisanship" among Republicans, and a "a lack of courage and statesmanship on the part of too many Democratic politicians."

To read the entire Washington Post Opinion piece click here.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Best of my 2007 Posts

I have reviewed all my 2007 postings to find my top 10 list from what I was most proud of in 2007. Here's the list:

1. Bush's experience taught him one thing-How to be a failure and disappointment
2. A U.S. Foreign policy fit for 21st Century challenges
3. Foreclosures are rising and that is causing Stock Market concerns
4. What if the surge works? Contemplating the spin
5. Sen. Joe Leiberman- Promoting America's agenda or Israel's?
6. Pro-Life and War: Republican's moral dilemma
7. Where's Condoleeza Rice?
8. An Open Letter to the people of Iowa
9. What is the Bush Legacy?
10. U.S. Fatalities significantly down for 2 consecutive months. Why?

Click on any one and vote on which one you like best. Also leave me a comment and let me know why. Over 22,000 visitors have come here and I want to thank you all. 2008 will be an important year as we pick a new President. Stay engaged and voice your concerns through the ballot box.


Iowa voters: Thanks! N.H. voters: Can you hear us?

Thanks you Iowa voters! You have made us proud but seeing the truth of the election and the message of our time: WE NEED and WANT CHANGE! Thanks for coming out to vote and caucus for your candidates. All Republican, Democratic and Independent voters have contributed significantly to a better America and an America which will restore us to greatness once this Bush crowd and the neocons leave Washington.

The question of equal importance is, Will New Hampshire hear and give voice to the call for change and once again restore America's once noble tradition of being a great principled leader in the world? We have a chance with Sen. Barack Obama's victory in Iowa and a third place for Hillary. Even Sen. John Edwards has a chance again, but the automatic coronation of Hillary has been severely tested and it failed in Iowa.

It is in part because of her stand and lack of remorse for her vote for the Iraq war and for the repeated Funding. Barack is the only candidate who came out against the war and continues to be right on Iraq. He will get us out of there. He does have high ideals in the tradition of JFK. He is inspirational like JFK. He is both polished and eloquent, like JFK. He is the dream and we the dreamers, who may one day wake up and find the dream has come true and is now our reality. What a great day for America. What a great day for Martin Luther King to be looking down on us. It is also a great day for the world. Let's not disappoint them. New Hampshire, it’s your turn to show what you are made of in the spirit of your State’s motto, Live Free of Die!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

An Open Letter to Iowa voters

This is reposted from August 19th and appropriate as we are just a couple of days from the Iowa Caucus. Here's what I am asking of the voters of Iowa:

My fellow Americans, in your hands is the opportunity to influence the rest of America. The media has already done a good job for you of selecting your Democratic choice for president. It is all but a slam dunk for Hillary to be the candidate for President and to end this idea of the people's choice in just a few months. Unfortunately, there are many good candidates who won't have a chance. You can change that by shaking up this coronation by how you vote in your Caucuses.

Ask yourself the following questions:

If I didn't vote for Hillary who would I vote for?
Who do I trust more on Foreign Policy decisions when it comes to Iraq?
What message do I want to send to the rest of America with my vote?

If you would be willing to share your answers here, I would be most interested in reading them. I watched the ABC debate today and had some refreshing insights into some of these leaders , especially the conversation about Iraq and ending the war and also on the issue of Education and teachers. Let's hope that Iowans were watching as well. This is the most important election in the past 50 years. Our very survival and standing in the world depends on all of us making the best decision to preserve our Constitution and restore our image across the world, as a country that indeed is one of compassion, peace, and wisdom.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

U.S. Fatalities for Dec. 2007 at a low for 2007, 2006 and 2005

This indeed is great news for the families and friends of those serving. Hats need to be removed in honor of all those that perished in 2007 and the previous years of this war. War is senseless and this war particularly was not needed.

December 2007 U.S Fatalities totalled 23. This is the lowest month of fatalities for our soldiers since March 2004 which had 20. My hat is off to General Petreaus and the soldiers, who tirelessly faced and pursued the bad guys. I was a skeptic that the surge would work, but coupled with a cease fire annunced by the Sadr Militia and the Cleric Sadr himself having asked his Militia to stand down for 6 months, we have experienced a calming in Iraq. The six months comes to an end at the end of March. Hopefully the cease fire will continue.

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