Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Filibustering in the Senate

Yesterday, Lou Dobbs on CNN took a very relevant survey of viewers. The question and results are as follows:

Is the Filibuster an archaic device to thwart majority rule or is it an important historical safeguard for minority rights in the Senate?
• Archaic Device 7%
• Important safeguard 93%

Do you believe Senator Frist will push the issue for a vote in the next few days? If he does, what does it say about his political wisdom and skills, as a future candidate for President? I say it will be his downfall on the Presidential front. For more moderate candidates within the Republican party, it may actually give those few Republicans that vote against a change in rules, a boost in their presidential bid for 2008.


Anonymous P K Forsyth said...

The Senate filibuster is historical, but not a Constitutionally protected practice as both sides have been harking about. Abuse can happen, but not in recent years since being televised: The cautious Senator does not willingly play the fool. The filibuster Question is: Is it appropriate a Senate procedure by way of the obviating maneuvers that the Senate Republican leadership plans to utilize with V-P Dick Cheney at the helm? It's a snarky plan to overturn a Senate procedures rule without a 2/3 vote. That's the scary part -- Machievelli's code is "the ends justify the means."

11:51 AM  

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