Friday, May 05, 2006

Porter Goss "resigns" - How about some others following suit?!

Porter Goss, Director of the CIA and former Congressman, "resigned" today and I use the quotes to question whether he resigned or was fired from the job. They say he was well liked in Congress by both Democrats and Republicans. Gee, I think that is a perfect reason in itself to have him "resign". The only thing that would make me happier on this Friday would be to hear that, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, also "resigned". Then maybe it might catch on like the bird flu, in which everyone starts to get the itch to “resign”. How about Karl Rove after that, followed by Rumsfeld, then Homeland Security Director Chertoff, then maybe even VP Cheney. Wow, what a nice thought on May 5th. Oops, should I say, "Cinco de Mayo" to be politically correct. :)

As you can tell, my recent theme of "throw the bums out", has no bounds. Heck, I would even like to see some Democrats thrown out too. Let's start with Rep. Kennedy from RI. What a lame excuse for a Congressman. But what's worse, what a lame statement of accountability. If he were truly accountable, he would resign from Congress in respect to those in his district and forfeit any pay due for the remainder of his term. But he's not really accountable. He is "reality TV" accountable.

From a posting on the Moderate Voice, I tracked down the Essay written by Isaiah Berlin in 1958, in which Berlin distinguished between two forms of liberty - negative liberty and positive liberty and he argued that positive liberty is politically dangerous because it tempts rulers to curtail people's negative liberties for the reason it's "for their own good." Negative liberty refers to an individual's liberty from others in power. Positive liberty refers to freedom to achieve certain ends. The problem with Positive liberty is that many Republicans and Democrats hold that they "know what is best for the rest of us" and often act on those beliefs. Recent examples of this are the invasion of Iraq, as a war of choice, because it is best to rid the world of Saddam (they know what's best for us). Even recent Tax breaks, given to the wealthiest Americans, is acting on the assumption that "they know what's best for America" even though most Americans, including those receiving the tax breaks, didn't ask for it nor wanted it. Same is true for the Tax benefits given to the Oil companies, or the bill to drill in Alaska, the meddling into the Terri Schiavo tragedy was in the belief that, "we know what's best for them". Illegal Immigration amnesty argued as real immigration reform and not amnesty by the Democrats. I wouldn't mind all this stuff but there is little if any accountabilty left in government. And as voters, we really don't get to pick our choice to run the country. The parties put forth their candidates which are chosen by a few. How many elections have you voted in where you thought, "I wish I could be voting for "X" instead but I only have one choice now."
Well, I'm tired of all this "help" we're receiving. A gridlocked Congress is the best Congress right after a 3rd, 4th or 5th political party is better than the two we have now, which is essentially one party from the left and the right, all acting like they know what's best for us. I think I know what's best for me. How about you?


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