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Fiscal responsibility: Where did we go wrong, President Obama or President Bush?

As I was thinking about what to post today, I went back over the years in posts and found one back on January 13, 2007, which I thought might be appropriate to post again today. I wrote this post much before the Sub Prime problem was even a word in our vocabulary. It was about President Bush and the legacy he was going to leave our country. I know many are disappointed with President Obama right now. They see that we still have massive problems which still remain unresolved and new problems which have finally gotten the attention of the American people this past year. But in reflection, I thought this reminder of where we were, back in January 2007, might be a useful comparison to today. Remember, President Barack Obama had not even declared his run for the Presidency until a full month after this original post on Feb. 13, 2007. So here is a reposting of that post and very timely as we have less than 30 days before we vote.

The title is:
Bush's experience taught him only one thing- How to be a failure and disappointment!

The only thing this President seems to have learned from his past is how to create bankruptcy conditions.

1) He bankrupt his Oil company. From the lessons learned he started in his Presidency to create the same for the Nation by the following:

2) His is bankrupting our Country with debt
3) He has bankrupt our Military - both equipment wise and manpower strength
4) He has bankrupt our Freedoms with such actions as eavesdropping on phone conversations of any American without FISA Court approval, signing statements which defy laws he has signed into law and other Unconstitutional acts.
5) He has bankrupt our Trust in oversight with a Republican led Congress that turned their head away at his choices, while they held their noses from the stench.
6) He has bankrupt our Trust in a fair Judicial system, by appointing Justices that will approve of his antics and rewrite history as far as settled law.
7) He has bankrupt the Vision for millions of people around the world who thought of the USA as a place of Hope and replaced that Vision as a country of arrogance and spite for our friends as well as our enemies.
8) He has bankrupt the use of Diplomacy, as no country believes him nor trusts him anymore. We are mostly alone in the world now. Colin Powell's speech will go down in history as how the US distorted truth for the self interest of a few of its leaders; the President and the Vice President.
9) He has bankrupt our willingness to be eager for the words of our President, when he gives a speech or an address, to the Nation. We are weary of his lies and twisted truth to us.
10) He has bankrupt and shattered the idea of our President being a Statesman because of his intellect and pursuit of noble causes to help the poor of the world and in stopping wars and promoting peace in the world.

Need I go on! Shame, shame, shame Mr. President. We need a “Tough Love” intervention called IMPEACHMENT.

I am told that Donald Trump has disclosed he is considering running for President against President Obama in 2012. I told a close friend of mine this morning, we don't need another President who has experience with Personal Bankruptcy again. We need someone like Mayor Bloomberg of NY who has done quite well for himself and has great business acumen in helping to solve our country's problems. Now there is someone I could really get behind and vote for. He proved his metal to me in this mosque controversy near Ground Zero. He is one class act. Mr. Mayor, are you listening?

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Blogger Minneloushe said...

Charles, Thanks - An excellent post, which I'd not seen, since I was not reading your blog back then! As for Bloomberg, he's fine, but I'm not really excited about him as a president. I'm pretty happy with Obama; I don't expect him to fix the country in half a term. We have a society where Auden's line "An intellectual disgrace stares from every human face" is more valid than when he wrote it to eulogize WB Yeats. Obama cannot reverse the degradation of society that has been in process for the last 30 or 40 years, in one term. Obama is an intelligent centrist and a civilized man. He is very smart, and that has been verified to me by my friend Beth Noveck (cf. her book "Wiki Government"), who works for him and is in charge of "Open Government" - that is, transparency insofar as possible, and data-sharing among governmental entities, and with the general public (cf. I know Beth to be more brilliant than most brilliant people, and she says Obama is brilliant.
Bloomberg is even more conservative than Obama. I loved his speech on Park 51, but he should have rejected Bush and the hypocritical Republicans long ago. In any event, he's neither charismatic nor populist enough to win the presidency.
I hope Beacon's 4mw to go online this quarter are announced soon, and wouldn't it be nice to have them double that. "Under promise and over-deliver" would be nice for a change.
Obama is the best president of my lifetime. He's a bit professorial and "cool" in his affect, but he is so obviously amiable and respectful - the way a good Christian (and everyone else) is supposed to be. He follows the golden rule, treating those who insult him with lies with the respect that every human being deserves.
How about Stiglitz or Krugman for Treasury? Of course, the Republicans would never let that through Congress, right ?

12:14 PM  
Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

The Bush legacy will forever mar the history of a once great nation that was built on the pillars of a democratic republic and unwaivering devotion to due process. I see Obama as nothing more than Bush Version 2. Little has changed and only the power elite's interests continue to be represented. American federalism has failed and only fascism remains. It is a sad day when we see so much destruction to our nations principals and basic human rights. I don't know how this will end, but Americans better start turning off the TV and start thinking of what our country will be like with total government control of their lives.

3:10 PM  

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