Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple ideas for getting America back on track

I was recently asked by a former client, what I might do to solve America's unemployment problem. I told them that I had several ideas which have not been tried. The first solution is a unique one based upon the fact that Republicans don't want to continue paying for Unemployment benefits ($$$) for the unemployed, especially the people on unemployment benefits for 99 weeks or more. And Democrats want to just help them by giving them extended benefits.

My solution is to require work from the unemployed to receive benefits. For example, many schools need painting, windows repaired or replaced, security improvements like video cams around the grounds, Teachers helpers, installing air conditioners, etc., etc., etc. I believe this would help those unemployed for so long start to feel better about themselves, have some resources to pay their bills and prevent foreclosure of their homes. We could even pay them more than the benefits might provide and we would still be ahead of the game, as this would increase some consumer spending and raise taxes somewhat in local communities that have a Sales tax.

Getting something back from giving extended benefits would help take the sting out of giving perceived handouts.

The next idea I had was to change our Educational system, by having school go year round. I would provide students a week or two vacation, but not the whole summer off. I would have them get air conditioning for schools and installed by those working above. I would then change teachers salary to reflect a full time job. We could have all teachers making $100,000 and above a year but we would be attracting more teachers with this salary level from many different backgrounds.

We need to think outside the box in tackling our issues. But it starts with a willingness to put some ideas out there and see if anyone picks them up and improves on them. I have, so where's your's?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a retired teacher, my suggestion for education is:
1. recruit retired credentialed teachers (I have a life credential) to substitute in the classrooms of mentor teachers.
2. this frees up mentor teachers to work in the classrooms of probationary and/or teachers who need/want to improve their skills
3. this would be cost effective as the retired teachers work as volunteers and the mentor teachers carry their full caseload
4. this is a win-win situation, and good publicity for the profession.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

Carolee, thanks for adding a good idea to the topic.

2:59 PM  

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