Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Senator Biden one year ago offered ideas on Iraq. 2nd in a series of Anniversary posts

Just 2 days before my 1st Anniversary as a Blogger, I wanted to share a posting back on June 29, 2005 that is particularly relevant today and gathered some of the best comments I have had on my Blog. I am not going to post the Comments too, but suggest you click here and read them at the bottom of the original post.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush's speech-Justifying the war or securing the peace?

Does anyone in this Administration know the difference between justifying the war in Iraq versus a plan to win the war? it doesn't appear that President Bush did last night. Or maybe there isn't anyone in this Administration that wants to be held accountable by the American public? Now here's where being a centrist can help in this dialogue. Democrats, Independents, and Moderate Republicans need to contribute ideas to elements of a plan to win the peace in Iraq. I heard one last night when Senator Joe Biden of Delaware offered up something when he said that we need to ask Nato to embrace the idea of securing the borders of Iraq. Someone needs to if we are going to stop the stream of insurgents, from countries like Saudi Arabia, from entering Iraq to join the jihad.

Now how about my readers offering up some suggestions. I throw the challenge out there to start becoming part of the solution rather than being entwined in the problem. Thanks Senator Biden for your contribution to the dialogue.

5-9-06 UPDATE:
Not much has changed from a year ago, has it, except of course the President's opinion polls are even lower because he won't listen to any critics, Republicans, Democrats or Independents.


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