Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bush's latest approval rating- unanswered questions

The latest of President Bush's job approval rating or lack thereof, raises many unanswered questions. First the latest polls:

Source, President Bush's job approval rating,

CBS/New York Times, 29%

Fox, 34%

These are marked on the Chart with an X.

(For more on Poll data click here.

We all understand why the President has such low approval ratings i.e. how the Iraq war has been executed poorly, that the Taliban are resurging in Afghanistan, still no relief for those who suffered from hurricane Katrina, etc., etc., etc.

But we have come to know just what poor quality leaders this President and VP are after almost 7 years with their shenanigans and spinning every word into deceptions. It has moved beyond the real to the comical as we now laugh at both of them. They have given Comedy Cenrtral's Jon Stewart much material. But the question that lingers in my mind and has for the past 6-7 years, as the President's approval rating has dropped, is this: Who still approves of his performance on the job? It has to make any intelligent person wonder; have we become a nation of non-thinking morons? How can 30-35% or one third of our population be so stupid? Does this represent those among us that have never gone past the 6th grade? Or does it represent a failed education system? Or is the Kool-Aid from the pulpit so intoxicating, that many really believe the lies. Just look at the deplorable conditions of Walter Reed Hospital, which were recently exposed by the Washington Post, as to the lies about how the Administration cares about the troops. It took an outsider like the new Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, to make those accountable pay the price. Do you think that the 30-35% still believe the President is doing a good job? But heck, they probably can’t read this blog anyway, so why worry. I guess even if President Bush screwed up even more, this group of mindless sheep would still support him. I hate to tell those still thinking President Bush is doing a good job, God can't help America folks, so stop praying. Only you can. Wake up!

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