Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The real reasoning behind the Surge" of troops in Iraq

BritsThe question as to why the "surge" was really needed in Iraq hasn't made sense to many Americans, as the politicians in Washington have worked to show their objection to the President's plan. Since I know we don't get straight talk from this Administration about anything, I decided to do my own investigation into possible reasons and I came up with a very interesting hypothesis, which is based on real facts.

The reason for the surge, is to bolster U.S. forces in Iraq. This is true. But the real embarrassment for the Bush Administration is the reason this is taking place. That being that Countries supporting the mission in Iraq have withdrawn troops to the tune of about 17,000 in Iraq and the region. And the recent announcement by the Brits of further withdrawal of their forces would require the U.S. to increase its troop size just to be able to do the same job as when we had more coalition support.

The President won't say that the reason he has had to deploy more troops is because other countries, while limited in numbers and in actual support mission roles, have decreased their support of the U.S. mission in Iraq. They fabricated and inflated the idea in the first place that they had built a coalition and now they can't admit that that coalition is abandoning the U.S. because they don't support the idea we should be there any longer. That's the truth that hasn't been told until now! It is an embarrassment to them.

Want to see who supports us and with how many troops? Go to this web site and read for yourself: Global Security Org

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