Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UPDATE: Halliburton and effect of their move to Dubai on the U.S. Dollar and the economy

UPDATE on Halliburton post. First the post and then the story.

March 12, 2007
Halliburton is moving its Corporate headquarters to Dubai according to news reports yesterday. Maybe they read what I posted on March 9th on a piece about Alberto Gonzales and wanted to have an escape route from prosecution!

"When more oversight is done by this Congress, more revelations will be made from how Halliburton cheated us by not providing the services contracted, not by Millions of dollars, but by Billions. I will predict that when all the investigations are complete, many senior Halliburton officials will be charged with crimes and do jail time."

Update 3/13/07
So this is the update: Marketwatch says Halliburton Dubai move is a negative for the dollar. So not only have they cheated the American people by defrauding us, they will affect the economy negatively. Here's a brief quote, "With many of the company's subsidiaries located outside of the U.S., Halliburton is notorious for using tax havens and in Dubai, they will be paying next to zero in corporate taxes for the most part.". Now the Full Story.

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