Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First casualty in bungled firing of U.S. Attorneys, to step down

According to sources quoted by the L.A Times, Kyle Sampson, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, is leaving the Justice Department. My question is when will Gonzales have the moral fiber and backbone to step down?

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Blogger cognitorex said...

Lying has Consequences? Who knew?
Once upon a time Paul Revere rode through the land acclaiming that "The Red Coats are Coming."
Scooter's conviction has similarly caused a new message to go out in the politics-first, truth-second neocon propaganda cabal leading the Bush White House.
It's a strange concept to this crowd and they've become quite nervous. As they crowd around the water coolers, the buzz is: "Did ya hear? There are actually certain lies and certain circumstances for which I, you and the big boys can be held to be legally accountable."
Craig Johnson

7:26 AM  

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