Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rev. Pat Robertson endorses Rudi. Why?

Why did Pat Robertson endorse Rudi Giuliani for President? It is obviously NOT because Rudi dressed in Drag a few times. It is obviously NOT because of his pro-choice earlier position. So what is it? It's most likely because Rudi is the Warrior candidate of both Political Party's and the one candidate most likely to get us to the great battle of Armageddon, which most Christian Fundamentalist preachers and their flocks want to create, so that they can get to see God sooner. They are the Muslim world's reason for being so radical. They see this as a campaign started by the "Crusaders". And you know what, they are right as these Right Wingnuts are not interested in keeping the world whole, but rather in destroying it for all the evil they see everywhere.

If there ever where a reason NOT to vote for Rudi, we just got it! Do us a favor would you Pat? Stay out of politics with your hypocrisy!

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