Friday, November 16, 2007

Who won the debate? The Statesman

CNN's Wolf Blitzer last night "moderated" the Democratic Presidential debate, or so he was suppose to. He apparently lost control in the first 12 minutes as it appeared to be a free for all between the Presidential hopefuls. Much of the focus of attention was on Hillary Clinton and whether she would do better this time over her last performance. She did. Was Barack Obama more present and engaged? He was. Was John Edwards making his case to voters on the difference between the candidates (Hillary) and himself? No, he did himself a disservice last night and if anything, was one of the losers in the debate. He got booed, as they didn't like him attacking Hillary.

But there was more to summarize in this debate than in previous debates. For example, Senator Joe Biden, the Statesman, seemed to have the best answers to solve most of the issues brought up in the debate. He was down to earth, used plain language and was not trying to slam any of the other candidates. He was definitely the most stately candidate and was at his best in this debate.

Also a surprise was Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He was direct, made the differences more apparent between himself and most of the other candidates and in one particular exchange, he noted that most of the candidates had voted for NAFTA, War in Iraq, passed China's admittance into the WTO without restrictions and were responsible for most of the problems facing us today, including passing funding for the War in Iraq and not pursuing Impeachment for Cheney and Bush.

I was surprised how well this debate went and the questions were good. Most candidates were at their best and one thing for sure, any could make a good President, but only one will be. The media seems to influence voters by just speaking of the front 3 candidates and I think the others are short changed. Senator Biden for one and Senator Dodd and Congressman Kucinich as well.

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Blogger Beyond the Clintons said...

I watched the Democratic debate tonight, and I’m not kidding when I say America wake up! Obama clearly is ready for the presidency, however, this election is rigged for Hillary Clinton and the elites in power. The tide has turned once again for the Republicans and those individuals with money and power have shifted to support the Democrats. These same individuals control the media and influence every aspect of this nation-it’s all about maintaining the status quo. This is not about what is best for America and it’s really frightening. Here’s my view and take if for what it's worth: the media (CNN, NBC, Fox News, etc.–the corporate driven folks that control the airwaves) decided that they had gone too far in giving Hillary a pass and had to reign this election in for the masses. So, they staged debate questions and then the commentary to influence public opinion, while producing polls to show Hillary’s slip over the last two weeks. Unfortunately for Obama and Edwards they got a slight illusion that this meant a chink in Hillary’s armor. Obama even got the needed boost in energy he hasn’t had for weeks. Obama performed better then any other debate. He finally proved that he is ready to lead, has the most intelligent grasp of the issues, and frankly doesn’t have the connections or baggage to bring to the table. The only thing he brings is honesty, integrity, and a desire to do what is best for this country. He was clearly fired up and ready to lead tonight! However, the Presidency has always been controlled by a few elites in power and this election is no different.

I realized the entire event was rigged when CNN commentators gave their analysis after the debate. I should have detected this earlier based on the enormous hype about Hillary all day today. The media was setting the bar low and preparing Americans for the outcome they wanted to report in tomorrow's headlines. Like little dogs the Americans public will take the bait. Here’s the playbook: the media (again CNN, NBC, Fox News, etc–the corporate driven folks that control the airwaves) hype a candidate and flood the airwaves with bogus stories abut what the candidate will do as in two debates prior when they hyped about Obama preparing to finally attack Hillary–as if pointing out differences is an attack in the first place. Then they state how badly Obama did by not meeting their false expectations. This was another pass to the Hillary camp to further her lead as they did during the other debates. The same corporate–driven media folks then decided to bring some equality to the debate and tighten up the race a bit because they couldn't let Hillary run away with the nomination–God forbid, what would they cover? So they destroyed Hillary in commentary after the last debate, and then hyped her expectations this debate. The problem is they didn’t give her enough questions and she was just average. When they started the commentary after the debate and slammed Obama and Edwards the light went off in my head that this election is really rigged and it is sickening.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

I agree with you< beyond the clintons, when you say it feels rigged. It does to me too but when I walk inot my voting Poll to cast my vote in the primary, I will not go with whomever the media says will win or who is the most likely cadidate or who is ahead in the Polls. I will vote for the best candidate I determine has a grasp of these issues and can deliver. The issues follow into two areas, Foreign relations and economic. Clearly Senator Joe Biden demonstrated last night, and was acknowledged by most if not all of the candidates, he is on top of this area and has the expertise. Just his answer about Pakistan last night and how to deal with Musharraf was a superb answer. Unfortunately we don't have a candidate that is an expert in the Economic issues even though Senator Dodd has served in this area for many years. Hillary doesn't as it was Bill Clinton's leadership that convinced and selected Robert Rubin as Treasury Secretary and he kept a strong dollar as his focus and dealing with international monetary crisis. We don't have a player of that quality here, but the Republicans do with Mitt Romney, as he ran Bain Capital. How about a Democratic President and Republican VP?

8:56 AM  
Blogger Beyond the Clintons said...

I wouldn't mind a Republican VP. In fact Sen. Hagel would make a good VP candidate.

6:45 AM  

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