Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's wrong about an Obama/Clinton ticket? I'll tell you!

If you want the politics of the past to continue, there is nothing wrong with the ticket. If you want the Red State/Blue State divide to continue, there is nothing wrong with the ticket. If you want to have all the drama of the Clintons, especially Bill Clinton, there is nothing wrong with the ticket. But if you want to change all of those mindsets and set a new course for America, Obama must choose someone different. It is worth risking losing it all for a chance to win it all for America. Obama's willingness to be bold, to talk with our enemies, to unite Democrats and Republicans more with Independents, this is the moment in time we all have been waiting for. Let's bet on change and the future and let go of the past for good. It's America's time and the people's time for real change. No more Red State Blue State divisions. I am tired of using fear to motivate us. I want us to be courageous this time!

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Anonymous Kurt said...

Bravo Charles, I am in full agreement! Clinton would be nothing more than 'bad energy' for the campaign. And President Carter seems to agree as well.

If you haven't already seen it there's a great video that breaks down (satirically so) Obama vs Clinton/Clinton.

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