Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bill Maher calls out healthcare industry For-Profit motive in "New Rules" segment last night

Last night Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher, in his segment on New Rules, used the topic of my recent post on July 20th, "Healthcare and Banking: What do they have in common?" citing that healthcare should not be a For-Profit business and called out the Industry on its profit motive. He even called out Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) and Anthem Insurance Co., which now owns over 7 BCBS plans. If you missed the last segment of New Rules be sure to catch it on You tube. He pointed out that many are making profits and becoming millionaires on the backs of the sick. It is the first time I have seen anyone with such a high profile and is followed avidly, other than Michael Moore. They called Michael Moore crazy to dismiss his call for Universal Healthcare in his movie "Sicko". See it if you haven't yet, as it will open your eyes wide open.

One day we will have Universal Healthcare but it won't be during the Obama Administration, as he is still too mainstream and center in his politic and not a Progressive. But hopefully I won't be too old to see that day come. Oh, and by the way, on my flight from Buffalo to Chicago, I sat next to a Canadian lawyer who worked in the Property & Casualty Insurance business. He told me all the nonsense about Canada's Healthcare system not being responsive and people having to wait such long times for care, is nonsense. It happens rarely and when it does happen it is the exception, not the rule. Heck, many wait for ever now to get healthcare with Insurance in the USA, so I don't know what the complaints are all about. Anything would be better than what we have now to cover all Americans. This guy from Canada also said that they never talk money to pay for their healthcare, as it comes out of their taxes. It seems civilized to me. Does it to you?

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Anonymous Jerry Wechsler said...

Hi, Mr. Damico. I seem to be your only commenter these days. Note the typo in the first line "Real Tim with Bill Maher." No biggie. What is totally depressing is Gesh selling all his Beacon stock. I'm still underwater, avg 1.46 or so... yuk.
I agree with you that Obama is not really a Progressive. My Republican friend considers him "far left" but of course Republicans have a different view of what constitutes leftist politics. He sees also how we are screwed by the HST machines, but does not see how this is a direct outgrowth of the Capitalist system. Socialism is still a dirty word for Republicans. I've come to realize I'm some sort of Free-Market Socialist, to coin a perhaps confusing term. I mean, "You and me" you know, together. "I" but also "you." Zero-sum thinking is passé. So the far-right accuses us of class-warfare, a form of Zero-sum thinking. But that's wrong analysis: We don't want to win at their expense, we just want to share the loot a little - also with those who are losing more than we are in this society. But the fact is that "class warfare" is their vision of our supposed zero-sum thinking, whilst they ignore their own zero-sum worldview (i.e., every man for himself) and needs to be debunked. I'm not a Marxist, just a Socialistically inclined, amiable guy. / jw

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