Saturday, July 04, 2009

Put to Call ratio on current market: Up!

The market closed on Friday with the Put to Call ratio back up over 1.00 for the second of the past 3 market days. On Tuesday, the Put to Call ratio closed at a new recent high of 1.08 while on Friday it closed at 1.05 after hitting a high of 1.14 during the first 1 hour of trading.

We have been in a market rally the past 3 months after hitting a low on March 30th and I have added some dates to the chart below to show you what was happening in advance with the Put to Call ratio. I believe this is the start of the decline I have been expecting for the past 2 months but never materialized. Rather, we had been in a very tight range causing much frustration for Bulls and Bears alike.

I believe that is about to change with Bears reaping their patient reward while Bulls wonder why they didn't take their profits while they had them. This unwinding may take us until September Options Expiration the third week of September or until October's but it will materialize. As I aid in a previous post, the ETF Bear Funds should be a nice rate of return and many not owning any might consider this play as it isn't too late to buy them. There are many to choose from and you might check to my post dated May 23rd, where I list them all. I have TZA as my readers know and also some FAZ as well. Good luck and Happy 4th of July!

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