Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December's Consumer Confidence rises. And the point is?

Don't be fooled by the headlines about the rise in Consumer Confidence for this month. Here's a direct quote from one article from this headline. And I quote,"The Conference Board said its Consumer Confidence Index rose to 52.9, up from a revised 50.6 in November, but the reading is still far short of the 90 that would signify a solid economy. In October, consumer confidence was 48.7." So you see yes, Consume Confidence is up in December, but let's face it a reading of 52.9 is a long was from 90. I can remember this Index was as high as the mid 140's. To see a chart from 1967 click on this link:

To put the numbers into a more provocative perspective, after 9/11 the index dropped to the mid 80's. We aren't yet up to post 9/11 levels. I just wish the media would not continue with the hype of an improved economy. We aren't all stupid you know! This hyping isn't working on me and I suspect not on you either. Tell me by making a comment.

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