Thursday, December 10, 2009

How will the Healthcare legislation work for the average American? Watch the stock price!

Well, several days have passed since I posted about the Healthcare Bill that the Senate committee of 10 approved and that we are waiting for the CBO scoring on the idea. Remember I said, the word has already been leaked to their patrons, the healthcare company execs and they know how it will affect them. I said we had no clue as to whether the new compromise to kill the Public Option vs. expanded Medicare for those age 55 and above w/o any insurance, was good for the average American. But I said to watch the stock price of the Heath Insurance companies to get a read. If the stocks went up, then it was bad for the average American, but good for shareholders and if the price of their stocks went down, it was bad for shareholders and good for average Americans. Well, the data is in on at least the past 4 days when the healthcare Insurance bill has been announced, even though we don't know any details.

Looking at the charts above for the last 4 data points, what do you conclude? To me it is obvious but I would like you to state it clearly here. For example, United Healthcare has gained 10.2% since the deal was known 4 days ago. Wellpoint gained 6.8% in those same 4 days. Do you have ANY stocks which have gained that amount in just the past 4 days? I doubt it! It's because many see the healthcare insurance companies still able to reap big profits, at the expense of average Americans. They like not having competition. The Public Option would have given them good competition. Now there isn't any.

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