Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is it time to "Throw the bums out!?"

This morning news headlines read, "Senators resist Obama over projects in health bill". You see in the Senate Bill, there were deals put in like these:

1. Steer $600 million over the next decade to Vermont in added federal payments for Medicaid and nearly as much to Massachusetts.
2. Connecticut would get $100 million to build a hospital.
3. About 800,000 Florida seniors could keep certain Medicare benefits.
4. Asbestos-disease victims in tiny Libby, Mont., and some coal miners with black lung disease or their widows would get help, and there are prizes for Louisiana, the Dakotas and more states

The Senators sponsoring these "benefits" for their home States all have "justifiable reasons" they deserve these extra benefits they say, but in my view, that is what's wrong with Washington and maybe we should throw out every incumbent, Democrat, Republican and Independent. It's making made us broke! I say this as one who voted for Barack Obama for President, he is trying to do the right thing by getting the Dems to take these special deals out of the Bill, but for political reasons, as they are unpopular with voters, according to the article. Shouldn't he want these deals out of the Bill because it is this right thing to do? I'm afraid all Senators are too Political and that's one thing Tea Baggers and their anger have in common with the rest of us no matter what side of the political spectrum one finds themselves. Where's the notion of Country first?

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