Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP to contain the spill. This was much too late!

Have they been reading the suggestion posted here to contain the spill. Finally after over 40 days of continuous leaking between 12,000 and 19,000 barrels a day, they decided to contain the oil. What incompetent engineers. Here's the news on the topic:

BP Reverts to Containing Oil Spill After Plugging Effort Fails

By Jim Polson and David Wethe

May 30 (Bloomberg) -- BP Plc began outlining its plan to contain oil leaking from its Gulf of Mexico oil well after the company and U.S. government officials abandoned a three-day effort to plug the hole.

In a two-step process, underwater robots will shear away sections of damaged pipe, according to a BP illustration posted today on the spill command’s web site. That should permit BP to install a “snug seal” to a new pipe that would carry “a great majority of the oil” to a drill ship on the surface, Doug Suttles, the BP executive in charge of the spill response, said yesterday in a press conference. The job will take four to seven days, he said.

I can't believe they didn't consider this 40 days ago, as it is a lot more difficult to clean up the oil mess if it is dispersed.

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