Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wellpoint and United Healthcare: Stock price since Healthcare Bill passed.

First, a little history. If you remember I have written about these 2 companies many times during the healthcare debate. I had said if you want to know if the healthcare Bill is good for average Americans, watch the price of their stocks.If the stock price goes up and stays up, it is bad for the average American. If it goes down, it is good for the average American. On Dec. 5th the markets opened to the news the Public Option was going to be eliminated from the final Bill. Both company stocks surged after that. Then about a month or so ago the Bill go passed after reconciliation made it a better Bill. Well, there has been enough time passed since the Healthcare Bill got passed, so let's look above at the price of these stocks above. Both charts are a 1 year look at the stock price of both companies. I think we can safely say that shareholders didn't think it was that good, as we are now back to December levels in price and the steepness of the drop is noticeable.

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