Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The data is in on the Healthcare Bill approved by Congress and it's good!

I though an appropriate amount of time has passed since the Healthcare reform Bill passed and President Obama had signed it into law. There has been a lot of hype about it. Remember when on Dec. 5th they dropped the Public Option and the Healthcare stocks Wellpoint and United Healthcare started their march up. See the charts above. Well now that weeks have passed since the signing into law, interestingly enough the stocks of both of these Healthcare Insurance companies has dropped. I also said that when the stocks were going up, that the language in the Bill was good for Insurance companies and if the price of the stock dropped it was bad for the insurance companies. Well, as you can see the stock prices have come down and are now approaching where they were before the Public Option was announced dead.

For all the hype about the Bill as negative for average Americans, I think the real data is in and it isn't the polls taken by Republicans. It's the stock price and it is speaking loud and clear that the Bill in its final form is good for Average Americans.

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