Friday, June 18, 2010

Not being serious enough on the Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup: President Obama disappoints again.

On Wednesday I had posted another promotion regarding who should be in charge of the Gulf Oil Cleanup. I had suggested 2 people. The first was General Schwarzkopfp, leader in the Gulf War. The second was Lt. General Honore, who was a lead in Hurricane Katrina efforts. So this morning we learn President Obama picked neither. In fact he is picking a part-timer to head up the effort. From Yahoo news this morning, this: "Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who oversees 900,000 Navy and Marine personnel, is inheriting an amorphous second job as the Obama administration's leader of long-term environmental and economic planning. His task is no less than rebuilding a region still suffering after Hurricane Katrina and beset by decades of environmental problems."

This doesn't look like War on the Gulf Oil spill at all. Geez, common Mr. President. Can't you do better than that? Sadly to say, I guess not.

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