Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11 Dow Intraday analysis and Updates throughout the day

The Dow Intraday chart shows we started high and then dropped to down as low as 88 points. It has recovered and looking at the first "W pattern, we were to head higher into positive territory, which didn't make sense given the drop in Retail Sales for May and the biggest drop in 8 months. That's called government intervention and manipulation. But then it formed another "W" pattern and it is pointed down, which does makes sense.

More charts to follow during the day so come back again today and every day.

UPDATE: 10:30am PST
The market has moved like a Yo-Yo today. The latest chart seems to show some positive momentum to try to retain all of yesterday's gains as the "W" patterns seem slanted up for the most part.

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