Friday, July 16, 2010

Market outlook for July 16th (With continuous Updates)

Well the news came out this morning on CPI. First the actual data and then how the media is portraying it. The CPI for the month of June came in at -0.1%. For the month of May it was -0.2%. The Core CPI for June came in at +0.2% while for May it was 0.1%. That's the unvarnished data. Now here are the headlines I noticed across the internet this morning:

Headline: Consumer prices dip for third straight month
Excerpt: "The Consumer Price Index, the government's most closely watch inflation barometer, dipped 0.1 percent in June, the Labor Department reported Friday. Less expensive energy bills were a big factor behind the drop. Prices for some food items, airlines fares, computers, telephone service and personal care products also fell last month."

Headline: Prices Excluding Food, Fuel in U.S. Exceed Forecast
Excerpt: "The cost of living in the U.S., excluding food and energy prices, climbed in June more than forecast, easing concern that a slowdown in growth will spur deflation. The so-called core rate of the consumer-price index increased 0.2 percent, the most since October and exceeding the 0.1 percent gain projected by the median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, figures from the Labor Department showed today in Washington. Prices overall fell 0.1 percent, a third straight decrease and matching the median forecast."

So what's important to focus on her.I think the fact that the CPI is down for the 3rd straight month and in fact down for most of the past 6 months, but no one mentions that. You see yesterday in the NY Times, there was a column about the Fed being split at its latest FOMC meeting in that a number of them raised concern about Deflation for the first time. Quoting from the article, "Inflation has been running well below its unofficial target of 2%, so much that a few officials fear that the US is at risk of the kind of deflationary spiral that has hobbled the Japanese economy for the better part of 2 decades." So even here at the FOMC meeting is the deflation issue is creeping into the forefront of the news.

Now add to that how us real people feel and you get a better view of how things really are. Just out are readings of Consumer Confidence which is important because the Consumer makes up 70% of our economy they say. So here is the info on that: The survey's preliminary July reading on the overall index on consumer sentiment plummeted to 66.5 from 76.0 in June. So we know how things really are going and sooner or later the markets will have to follow suit and replicate the real economy no matter how much the Fed is pumping money into firms like Goldman Sachs and others to get them to manipulate the stock market by buying near the close of the market every day. Just look at 1 minute charts of the Dow or Nasdaq or any Index for the last hour of trading compared to the previous time during the day. You will be convinced if you are objective.

So the market has had a minor reaction to the news with the Dow down as much as about 180 points this morning. Let's see how the day ends. My guess as it always has been of late is that it SHOULD be down based on the evidence, but manipulation of the markets has not yet abated. Time will tell if sanity rules.

UPDATE: 8:00am PST
The Dow has managed to stay below the 50 day Moving Average again today and that is a good reversal from past couple of days. It puts the rise in the market on hold and sets up a declining trend. The 50 day MA is at about 10,250, while the 200 day MA is at 10,380. The other thing I like particularly about the day unfolding is that we are forming a Hammer pattern which stops the uptrend and reverses it. That would keep in tact the trend of lower highs (the first rally a month or so ago was to 10,594 and this one will have peaked at 10,400) and lower lows. This will mean that we will most likely go below the previous recent low of 9,614.

UPDATE; 8:30am PST
Volume is up significantly at 160 Million shares so far compared to yesterday's 210 Million shares traded on the Dow for the whole day!

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