Saturday, August 14, 2010

Economic data for the week ahead

This is an important week on many fronts to be paying attention to the data to be released on the economy. Most likely Tuesday's information will be the most important, as a plethora of data will be released in the morning and before the stock market opens. Also to contend with is Options Expiration for August on Friday. Here's the line up and expectations for the data this week.

Monday, Aug. 16th NY Fed, Empire Mfg. Index for August. Market Expects 7.0, Prior Month was 5.1
Tuesday, Aug. 17th Housing Starts for July. Market expects 555K. Prior Month was 549.
Tuesday, Aug. 17th Building Permits for July. Market expects 573. Prior Month was 586.
Tuesday, Aug. 17th PPI for July. Market expects +0.2%. Prior Month was -0.5%
Tuesday, Aug. 17th Core PPI for July. Market expects +0.1%. Prior Month was +0.1%.
Tuesday, Aug, 17th Industrial Production for July. Market expects 0.8%. Prior Month was 0.1%
Tuesday, Aug. 17th Capacity Utilization for July. Market expects 74.8%. Prior Month was 74.1%
Thursday, Aug. 18th Initial Jobless Claims. Market expects 470K. Prior week was 484K.
Thursday, Aug. 19th Continuing Claims. Market expects 4.500 Million. Prior week was 4.452 Million.
Thursday, Aug. 19th Leading Indicators for July. Market expects +0.2%. Prior reading was -0.2%

Friday is Options expiration for August and I do expect increased volatility and an significant increase in Volume on Friday.

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