Sunday, October 31, 2010

Economic indicators for the week of Nov. 1st

This will be a very busy week, indeed. Most likely the most important piece of news this week will not be Initial Jobless Claims, or CPI or Home Sales. One of the most important piece of news will be on Wednesday when the Fed meets and decides how much Quantitative Easing (QE2) the Fed will chose to initiate. Many expect about $200-400 Billion dollars. Many say this won't help enough, as it is too little an amount. Expect a market reaction when the Fed does announce their intentions along with their Interest rate decision. But even this is not the most important information of the week. Below is a list of Indicators being released and the day and time of the announcements.

The Unemployment rate for October will be released on Friday, as will Pending Home Sales. But the most important information released this week will be the Election results. That we will know most likely by Wednesday, not Tuesday as many races are very tight.

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