Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Market comments for Oct. 19th

Today's economic data was released on Housing Starts and Building Permits, after the earnings data from IBM and Apple had already driven the markets down after hours yesterday on disappointing forward expectations by both companies. Today's data isn't important to offset this decline nor add much to it because it isn't as important as other numbers being released later this week on Initial Jobless Claims. Housing Starts data released this morning for September came in at 610K, compared to an expectation of 579K. Last month's data was revised upwards from 598K Starts to 608K Starts. Building Permits for September were down to 539K Permits versus an expectation of 565K. August's data was revised from 569K to 571K Permits.

If you haven't read my post from Saturday on Fundamental Analysis versus Technical Analysis be sure to do so as it explains much of what is going on in the market discord between both type of analysis and the conclusions each draws.

A special Birthday wish to my friend in Massachusetts this morning. He and I were in Carmel many years ago on the day back in the 1987 when the market crashed. We survived that one but not sure if we will on the next one. A very Happy Birthday, Lad.

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