Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election results: Outlook the day after

First some local comments and then a broader National view on the elections last night. So called Liberal California defeated the Proposition to legalize Pot. It could have contributed tax money some estimate in the Billions, to alleviate a shortfall in tax receipts, but it didn't pass. So I don't want to hear anymore about "liberal California" or phrases like "Left Coast." If we were so liberal we would have passed the legalizing pot measure!

Jerry Brown beat Meg Whitman for Governor and Barbara Boxer held her seat for a 4th term. I expected Boxer to win but not Jerry Brown. I personally liked Meg Whitman because she was smart, a very good person and had good common sense. She was perceived not as warm and friendly and approachable for people, but any who knew her, know that she just wasn't a typical politician and she wasn't a phony. She was and is a genuine person who I have a lot of respect for. I knew her when she worked at Bain & Co. at the same time Mitt Romney also was at Bain. I like him a lot too and he is very smart. Bain & Co. was my client for many years and they had a crop of Senior Partners that were and are brilliant.

Nationally, the election unfolded as was expected. The Republicans won the House in a big wave taking many moderate Democrats with them and returning those States to the Republican control. The Tea Party had a respectable night getting about 50% of those races they were competing in. But what does this mean for the country going forward, as the Senate remains in Democratic control? It means that many problems will remain unsolved. If you are looking for legislation coming out of the House that will reverse Obama's policies, it isn't going to happen. The Senate will not pass anything the House sends over, that the Democrats don't believe in, just like the 420 bills the Republicans stopped from passage in the Senate with the filibuster. There is a short window to pass some key legislation from those 420 bills awaiting Senate approval, if the Democrats push some in the lame duck session. But that will take some guts. And I don't know if they have found their balls yet. Maybe Sen. Harry Reid did, as he was reelected for 6 more years, and he doesn't have to worry much now about reelection.

Time will tell but I don't see much changing by the politicians. I see gridlock, not the good kind, but the bad kind.

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Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

They will hammer Obama into the ground, and to some extent he deserves it. I voted for change and all I see is more of the same, and things don't look any better going forward. I'm wondering if Obama will even run for a 2nd term, certainly Hillary isn't through yet. Funny how the media never talked about the most vexing problem outside of Wall Street, the Wars! ... Until we get the Fourth Estate back, we will only see media zombies voting in whoever the shadow government wants.

4:32 PM  
Blogger stuart said...

Voted, however here in California a Republican vote counts very little. I don't understand why the California people believe that by doing something the same way (in this case a retread politician)that we will get a different result? Even Hawaii turned 'true' blue.


9:06 AM  

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