Friday, November 26, 2010

Market comments for Nov. 26th

Well, it's a short market day today but I can't keep the same prediction as I had yesterday. Today is pointing down around the world. The debt crisis in the Euro zone is spreading beyond Greece and Ireland and now threatens Portugal and Spain according to many stories by the Main St. media outlets. The Dow Futures have been down about 100 points this morning in pre-market and the Euro countries markets are down about 1.5% on average today.

Many like CNBC are hyping the Black Friday Shopping spree, which is the greatest marketing vehicle in America. With all the hype about "shoppers are spending" they hope to entice those weak of mind and discipline to get out there and "help America". Bah Humbug, I say. I'm all for buying gifts for family and others as the next person. I just think the best way to help Americans right now is to help the less fortunate. And those folks are the ones who have been unemployed for 99 weeks or longer. You want to help America? Hire one! Call your Senator and Congressman and have them pass another extension in Unemployment benefits for them. Or you could take in a person who is living on the street and help them get on their feet. Or you can volunteer at a shelter or donate Food to the Food bank in your local community. These are the best things you can do right now. And you can have the courage to disagree with those who say these folks are freeloaders, even if they work with you or live in your neighborhood. Some of us need to stand up to those who have to understand the plight of those who don't have. That's what America used to be like. But it seems in this continual season of partisanship, that has been lost too. And don't blame the victims!

I feel better now. A good rant clears the throat! Now listen to this You Tube video of what's happening over in Europe with this debt issue as one politician "clears his throat" too. You don't hear this in our Congress, but you should!

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Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

Thank you for speaking out. I completely agree with your views and truly grieve for our once compassionate nation. We've become lustful whores and entertained slaves to the oligarchs over the past 100 years. Now the oligarchs are looking at each other for solutions as their systems fall through corruption, and greed. Just bear in mind that the Rabbit Hole has many levels. Blessings and peace to you always ... Gratefully Yours ... Vic

7:02 AM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

Thanks for the kind words, Vic and your support. I too get really mad on stuff like this because people just don't get it. We have become so material at the expense of our soul.

By the way, you seem to be a very sensitive guy so I am going to recommend you see a movie if you haven't yet. It's called, "God Grew Tired of us." It shows the plight of The Lost Boys of Sudan and the spirit which flows through them. It will profoundly affect you for the better.

Happy Holidays.

9:08 AM  

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