Thursday, November 11, 2010

Market comments for Nov. 11th: Grantham video on CNBC

Yes, if you do nothing more today than listen to this video clip of Jeremy Grantham, Chairman of Grantham Van Otterloo, one of the most respected investment firms, you will not regret it. He manages over $100 Billion in assets and was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on CNBC.

The market is down about 105 points on the Cisco news today. The Put to Call ratio was only about 0.90 this morning and has since gone lower to 0.83 as of this moment. It surely is not causing a stampede to buy Puts, so this market is still too confident of the Fed in my view and irrational.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Charles. That information is invaluable. Thor

12:07 PM  
Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

Thank you! I found the interview to be realistic and valuable.

Are you on Facebook?

2:18 AM  

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