Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arrest of Mafia members

So I was reading the headlines and an article today about arrests of 127 mafia members. Here's the news clip and then I will make a comment as I have an interest in this because I am of Sicilian decent.

"NEW YORK – Federal authorities orchestrated one of the biggest Mafia takedowns in FBI history Thursday, charging 127 suspected mobsters and associates in the Northeast with murders, extortion and other crimes spanning decades. Attorney General Eric Holder made a trip to New York to announce the operation at a news conference with the city's top law enforcement officials.

Holder called the arrests "an important and encouraging step forward in disrupting La Cosa Nostra's operations." But he and others also cautioned that the mob, while having lost some of the swagger of the John Gotti era, is known for adapting to adversity and finding new ways of making money and spreading violence.

"Members and associates of La Cosa Nostra are among the most dangerous criminals in our country," Holder said. "The very oath of allegiance sworn by these Mafia members during their initiation ceremony binds them to a life of crime."

Ok, I understand and don't have a problem with the arrest, but when is Eric Holder going to arrest those on Wall St. who created worse crimes and have ruined our economy resulting in Millions of unemployed? Wall St. didn't commit murder but amy have contributed to some suicides. They certainly are responsible for "adapting to adversity and finding new ways of making money" that caused great harm and were illegal. If Wall St. wasn't extorting, then what were they doing?

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