Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pre Presidential Election wisdom

I know I have been taking a sabbatical from posting on my Blog, but I found myself compelled to break my silence regarding the 2012 elections. With all the PAC money being poured into both Republican and Democratic efforts to gain your vote, you need to make their attempts a waste of their money. I can't think of anything better to show the voice of the American people than not only to be silent from now on until the November election, but to also turn a deaf ear to listening to and watching all those biased commercials. Take a stand for America and when an election commercial airs, change the channel, shut off the TV or go get some popcorn while muting your TV. I have my preference for President and my local officials running for office, so I don't need the time nor do I need to listen to any biased ads compelling me to change my mind. They all lie. Do yourself a big favor and tune out the blabber this coming election period. Stay focus on who you believe has the most interest in your issues and then vote accordingly in November. Let those flush with no other way to spend their cash than to try and buy your vote, through PAC commercials, throw their money down the drain. Go fishing, enjoy the summer and the wonderful outdoors, go to the Library for a nice book to read on a rainy day. Do anything but listen to the garbage they will try to influence you with. I'll be back again when the moment moves me. Enjoy SUMMER.

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