Friday, October 26, 2012

Who will become President?

Seems like the big question will be answered very soon. The polls say it is a statistical dead heat. I hope not. We are so divided as a country right now that it seems incomprehensible that we could continue this way. Not since the North and South played out this madness, in the late 1800's, in what has been referred to as our Civil War, have we been so divided. And if you look at the divisions on a map of the U.S. between Mitt Romney and President Obama, you can see this data suggests we are fighting this war all over again. The fact that President Obama is said to have only 39% of the White vote, plays into this argument. One thing I will say in closing about this election. Whether we as the voters get the president we want or the President we don't want, we will get the President we deserve! We have a population where over 40% believe our President was not born in America, even though the evidence contradicts that reasoning. That same % believes the President to be a Muslim, while the clear evidence is that he is a Christian. This same group of people do not believe in the science of Evolution nor do they believe in Global Warming/Climate Change. We sure do need a better Educational system, as this is proof of it! God help us all or at least let's hope that survival of the fittest prevails!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ONE of the problems with our educational system is the interference of politicians who legislate:
disallowing the teaching about minority rights and
demanding that evolution be balanced with creationism.

8:56 PM  

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