Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today is My One Year Anniversary, as a Blogger!

Well I made it. I never thought I would be writing so much in my life. I never was much into writing as my natural talent was speaking and public speaking at that. But I have found something very interesting about the actual process of writing every other day or so and especially about a topic in which I have an emotional reaction to. I find it a release of my emotion and that has a calming effect to me.

Take today as an example. I am listening to the news as I usually do when I wake up around
5:00am each day. This morning I hear that the Bush Administration has been collecting data on every call 10's of millions of Americans have made since at least 9/11 and possibly before. This isn't the same as listening to the calls. But for example, let's use this in the CIA leak case investigation. The Bush Administration could check into all the reporters telephone calls on the story, sort any calls into or out of any government agency and determine who is leaking their secrets. They could know who lawyers are talking to in government to help their defendants and stop leaks at the source. If you let your imagination go you can think of all kinds of possibilities here. It does make me mad that once we could trust our government and now we can't any longer. Once trust is broken it is almost impossible to get it back. We are no longer innocent in a situation when the government has data on us. We are guilty until proven innocent. Democracy has been attacked after 9/11, not by the terrorists, but by our own government. This Administration should be tried for Treason against upholding our Constitution. After found guilty of this, we should turn them all over to the International Court for War Crimes.

Now I feel better. I have once again released my emotion. It proves Blogging is good for your health!


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