Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The hubris and audacity of the Bush Administration

I heard this today on CNN and almost couldn't believe it. The Bush Administration has asked the Republican controlled Congress to introduce a Bill that basically gives amnesty to the Administration for possible War Crimes and violations of the Geneva Convention, by passing a law that says that what they did in the past is now approved by the Congress retroactively, They fear a Democratic Congress will hold this Administration's feet to the fire and Bush wants a free pass for his team. If there were any single event that could make this a landslide election in favor of the Democrats, this gift would certainly do it. If this comes to pass, I hope the Democrats after their election and victory will hold the Administration's feet to the fire AND members of Congress that didn't do the proper oversight relegated to insignificance in their role if they are still standing after the election in November. I would be saying the same thing if it were a Democratic Administration and they did what this Republican Administration has done. Would you?

The hubris and audacity of the Bush Administration still amazes me. In classical Athens hubris was a crime. Hubris is often said to be the "hamartia" ("error") of characters in Greek tragedy, and the cause of the "nemesis" (nemesis), or destruction, which befalls these characters, according to Wikipedia.


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