Thursday, September 07, 2006

This President Bush's "Read my Lips" moment

Yesterday the President announced the following, "The United States does not torture, it's against the law & I would not approve of it nor do I authorize it." So the read my lips moment was using the specific words, "United States". Well it is obvious he didn't include the phrase, "here or abroad" as the new regulations on military conduct for the Army spells out clearly in detail what is not allowed anymore. However, and this is the big however, these banned interrogation techniques do not apply to the CIA. So one must conclude, putting aside all the election year spin and rhetoric on the topic, the CIA is free to use these techniques anywhere but on US soil.

Do they think We The People are all stupid here and don't know what is really going on? The answer is obviously YES, they think we are all stupid or wouldn't be using these phrases. All of this brought to you by Master word builder and deception artist extraordinaire, Karl Rove. If you ask me President Bush is using carefully crafted but misleading legalese language.


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