Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Japan ushers in new Prime Minister- Shinzo Abe

The parliament has spoken and the votes have been tallied. Shinzo Abe is now Prime Minister, becoming the youngest post war prime minister of Japan.

Abe promises to reform Japan's future by taking a more active and assertive role in the world, revising the U.S. drafted pacifest Constitution to allow for Japan to have more of a military presence in the world and to take on more of a leadership role in international conflicts, which their current Constitution prohibits.

Japan has been and will continue to be a good ally of the United States under Abe. Junichiro Koizumi has been an excellent Prime Minister of Japan, a good friend of America, who brought stability to a government when there appeared to be a revolving door of prime minsters. His humor and love of Elvis endeared him to a grateful country. We wish you well Junichiro Koizumi and many good wishes to your successor, Shinzo Abe.


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