Friday, September 22, 2006

Senator's McCain, Warner & Graham sell out

I thought we had finally seen courage demonstrated by the Legislative branch of Government, specifically from these 3 Senators. They attempted to harness this Administration and our President from reported abuses committed on prisoners in violation of the Geneva Convention and therefore prosecutable in World Courts. Many questionable interrogation techniques have been endorsed by President Bush and the Administration, but I sadly must report that these Senators put politics above principle when they yielded on their very principled position.

When you hear news reports, it will sound like everybody won. You know that is impossible. Given the nature of the disagreement on the techniques reportedly used, to interrogate seized suspected terrorists and others snatched from their homes from Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else in the world, there could be no compromise as much of the Geneva Convention was specifically left as more vague language not to specify the exact line where interrogation becomes torture. It was the spirit of the Convention that was to guide world powers in treating captured prisoners humanely.

How does the Merriam-Webster OnLine dictionary define humanely? Here it is:

"Humanely: Marked by compassion, sympathy or consideration" defines it as follows:

"Humanely: Characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, esp. for the suffering or distressed."

Now ask yourself these questions,
Does this Administration want to treat these prisoners in this manner? My guess is NO.
Did Senator's McCain, Warner and Graham want to ensure these prisoners are treated in this manner? My guess is YES.
Did Colin Powell and the other 5 distinguished Generals want to ensure these prisoners are treated in this manner? My guess is Yes.

I think you now can see why the agreement with the President is a ruse and a betrayal to our country, the Constitution and the Geneva Convention. You can't put lipstick on this pig and make it look any different. Watch the lies emerge. We cannot and should not degrade our sensibilities and moral code for anyone or for any reason. The ends do not justify the means. When our leaders state or imply that they do, we have lost and the terrorists have won.


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