Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hugo Chavez calls Bush "The Devil" in UN speech

Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez spoke yesterday to the UN. His remarks? He said, "The devil came here yesterday, right here" then added, "The President of the United States came here."

What surprised me most was the applause and support for Chavez's comments. The laughs were loud and mocking of our President. It is troubling indeed. Our President is hated and considered by many as the fool of world leaders. Many citizens of the U.S. traveling abroad hear the comments about President Bush and shrug their shoulders, as they can empathize with the feelings. But hearing these comments in France is understandable given the recent history of the two leaders, but hearing it in Great Britain, our most loyal friend in the world, makes me angry. I'm not angry at the Brits, I am angry with our President and you should be too if you care at all about your future and the future of this country. It isn't terrorism that we need fear; it's the incompetence of this Administration, the use of Rovian language to confuse Americans and divide us, and the stubbornness of this President. It's not confidence Chavez shows, it's ignorance. He will unite us with those comments, not divide us, contrary to what he wants to do.

UPDATE: Sept. 21, 2006

Chavez made another comment, which I had not reported, where he said that there was still a stench of Sulfur, from where Bush spoke at the podium. This was being interpreted by the media as a reference to the smell of flatulent. I believe the real meaning of what Chavez was referring to, was the smell of Sulfur from explosives, which we are using in Iraq. I haven't seen anyone pick up this interpretation yet.


Blogger Jessica Hopkins said...

Another possibility is the smell of hell, of fire and brimstone, which is said to resemble sulfur. Sounds like another reference to Bush being the devil.

9:12 PM  

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