Monday, August 28, 2006

Democrats in disarray?

I keep hearing how the Democrats are splintered with their messaging, that they don't have a coherent policy on Iraq, and that the Republicans are much better at the use of this political tool than the Democrats because they speak with one voice (sort of). All I can say is Bah humbug!

As I have recently said, "the Democrats are exploring points of view rather than being dogmatic and insisting every Democrat drink the same Kool-aid. The Republicans have been drinking their Kool-aid now for 6 years and look what it has brought us." I like the fact that Democrats have individual views and aren't afraid to voice them. This midterm election is more about local politics than national politics but the media will want to extrapolate the results nationally. There's nothing wrong with that either as themes will emerge. But l would advise those that are worried about the Democrats this election to look at the choices: More of the same and Stay the Course or change. I'll take any change right now, won't you?


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