Sunday, August 27, 2006

Drinking the Republicans Kool-aid isn't working any more

Watching ABC's George Stephanopoulos' This Week show this morning and their Roundtable, I was reminded how every comment made today is aimed at politicizing every concern. We can thank Karl Rove for that. He has turned America into a partisan’s machine, the likes of which we haven't seen in our lifetime. Even when watching comments on the Katrina aftermath one year later by commentator Donna Brazile this morning, the White House Communications Director Nicolle Wallace slammed Brazile's positive tone on rebuilding efforts, into an examination of the Democrats (not Bush), when there was no mention of politics by Brazile. But this White House has us always thinking about the Democrats and off the eye of the Republicans and the President's incompetence, at every turn they can. It doesn't work on me anymore and I am turned off to even listen to the White House's latest pronouncements. It's just a distraction from reality. But come November, we have a chance to start to change all that rhetoric and get back to conversational interaction and dialogue.

President Bush, and his Republican machine, points out how the Democrats are all over the map when it comes to Iraq. Well when you think about it, the Democrats are exploring points of view rather than being dogmatic and insisting every Democrat drink the same Kool-aid. The Republicans have been drinking their Kool-aid now for 6 years and look what it has brought us. However, a few brave Republicans have spoken from a different playbook recently, like Senator Hagel and Congressman Chris Shays. Can't wait, as I have said many times here, for the Silent Majority to express themselves in droves this November. All indications are that voters are going to the polls in great numbers this primary season and that is keeping our eye on the ball and the prize. The polls state very clearly this Republican gang is in trouble for the lack of true oversight of this President and Vice President over their abuse of power. Distractions from President Bush and the likes of Rove aren't working anymore with Americans who are awaking to the fact that their record doesn't match the rhetoric, as the strategy in Iraq has failed and there is no connection to the war on terror to Iraq. And it is fine if Democrats explore positions to see what the choices could be and what the implications of those choices might be. Keep it up for Democracy's sake. And Wake up America!


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