Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rep. Boehner comments on Hastert: UPDATE

The number 2 person for the Republican party, Rep Boehner, stated today the following, "I believe, I spoke to Speaker Hastert about the emails." Since when do you or I ever start a sentence with, "I believe I spoke to..." Give me a break. If I had spoken to someone I would state it as" I spoke to...". This isn't something you would have difficulty remembering. I can't wait for just straight talk from this group of scoundrels.


Seems like Rep. Boehner is blaming his boss (Hastert) rather than looking at himself and taking some accountability himself. Everyone knows how to blame someone else rather than taking responsibility. Rep. Boehner knew about the problem, said he notified Speaker Hastert, and then decided to drop the matter from his responsibility, since he had told Hastert. I wonder what he would have done if it were his child that was approached by Rep. Foley and saw the emails. I'll bet he wouldn't have just told Hastert and dropped the matter! What hypocrisy!


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