Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Egypt adopts Democracy 2.0 from President Bush and the neocons' playbook

Democracy, Bush style, has emerged from the Middle East, most notably Egypt, as new anti-terrorist laws were approved by a small group of people, as voter turnout was low.

Quoting a BBC story, "Opposition groups have voiced fears about the wording of the articles on the new anti-terrorism law because it will be possible to bypass the constitutional guarantees protecting basic freedoms." Also, "Turnout for the vote was 27%, the justice ministry said, although some independent groups put it at 5%." The population of Egypt is about 68 Million people. This means that as few as 2.5 Million people out of the 68 Million people voted to change the Constitution and install "anti-terrorist laws" analogous to our Patriot Act. And the article adds, "The 34 constitutional amendments include a ban on the creation of political parties based on religion, and sweeping security powers."

Welcome Egypt to President Bush's type of Democracy, where we now share in a common theme, "bypassing the constitutional guarantees protecting basic freedoms." President Mubarak you have learned your lesson well from our latest interpretation of the protecting of our basic freedoms from a President and VP who have turned the Constitution upside down with the help of the current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Of course, we learned from you as well, for example how to "redefine" what is and what isn't torture and skirt the Geneva Convention and U.S. laws.

To read the entire BBC article click here.

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