Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is there a connection? Abramoff and Bush kowtowing U.S. attorneys?

Tom Delay's conflict of interest is apparent during his conversation with Chris Mathews today on Hardball. Delay has much to lose by association, as it was Duke Cunningham's conviction in Southern California by the fired U.S, attorney Carol Lamb that help put him behind bars. This was all connected to the Jack Abramoff scandal of buying privilege and access to President Bush. And this touches Tom Delay. His interest in stopping all investigations is obvious. His motives are self serving and despicable. Delay, Gonzales, Bush, Myers et al represent the Texas good ole boys (and gal) network.

It is very interesting to me that all the noise about Abramoff willing to expose more Congressmen to U.S. attorneys has gone totally quiet over the past 5 months. Could it be connected to U.S. Attorney's being fired? Was pressure exerted on the U.S. attorney who was in charge of the Abramoff matter? We may never know, but I think it worthy for us to ask what happened there as well. It was only a year ago (March 29, 2006) when this was reported by the Washington Post:

"U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck sentenced Abramoff, 47, and his former partner Adam Kidan, 41, to the shortest possible prison terms under sentencing guidelines after prosecutors affirmed that both men have been aiding the ongoing investigations and had expressed remorse. Abramoff's attorneys said he has reviewed "thousands of documents" in the inquiry, which could reach members of Congress, congressional staff members and employees of federal agencies, including the Interior Department.

They're both trying to atone by cooperating," Assistant U.S. Attorney Lawrence D. LaVecchio said in court."

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