Friday, March 23, 2007

Vote to bring the troops home passes! It may be symbolic but it's a real Bill

How about for those who voted against the Bill to put a date certain for U.S. Troop withdrawal from Iraq, that we send their sons and daughters to Iraq until they vote to end this war (and that includes the Bush daughters).

I also advise that those that truly support us being there either sign up yourself, or send your own sons and daughters and sisters and brothers there instead. Why are people not signing up to join the military to join this war if it was so noble a cause? If this were truly important to our country, the American people would get it and we wouldn't have such a shortage of troops and having to use dubious tactics to get young kids to sign up. Wake up! Either try and implement a Draft or get out. We are breaking our military daily.

Now that I think about it, shouldn’t the Commander in Chief be leading the charge there rather than from Washington. Heck, Cheney knows how to shoot people too. Bring him with you, Mr. President!

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