Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vietnam vs. Iraq: Wounded vs. Fatalities and our unsung heroes

Some statistics worthy of comment and analysis; the Vietnam War had a total of 47,378 deaths and 304,704 wounded. This was a ratio of 15.5% deaths to wounded. The Iraq War has had 3,172 deaths and 23,417 wounded. This is a ratio of 13.5%. While some may think that isn't much of a difference, here's how it translates into real lives. If the numbers were the same we would have had 3,630 total deaths than the 3,172 deaths reported. That accounts for a difference of 458 soldiers who are alive today than might have been. We owe a lot to these doctors, medics, nurses and staff who have truly served their nation in the best way possible; saving lives. Now that the attention has changed from complacency to oversight in Washington, and a press and media willing to follow what happens to our troops upon returning from this war of choice, our returning troops are going to get better treatment than they would have otherwise. And that is a very good thing we can feel better about. I just wanted to take my hat off to those unsung heroes on the battlefield saving lives every day. God Bless you all.

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Blogger Ajaz Haque said...

What is your point? Fewer deaths mean we are fighting a better war? Deaths are deaths whether 1 or 3,000.
War is a horrific business and leaders should not be allowed to start wars by hype.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

My point was to focus on the doctors, medics etc. in Iraq on the front lines trying to at least save lives, not waste them. The data supports they are doing better at saving lives in this war than did those during Vietnam.

3:25 PM  
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Anonymous Mikey said...

: I think you bring up an interesting point, the medical soldiers don’t get enough praise, so thank you for writing this. Lately people have comparing Vietnam to Iraq and whether people agree or not. I think another topic that people don’t really listen to are the soldiers reporting from war, it’s probably are most valid account of what is really going on and nobody pays much attention to them. I was just watching this documentary, Sir! No Sir! It’s about the G.I. movement during Vietnam where the G.I’s were creating underground newspapers to get the news out about the war. It reminded me of soldiers in Iraq blogging about their experiences. It was pretty interesting, Here’s their site for more info

7:16 PM  

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