Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What do Rumsfeld, former FEMA head "Brownie", and Alberto Gonzales have in common?

Words of advice for the next President: When you are filling the many positions in your Cabinet and Administration, use more than one criterion for deciding which candidate you will select. President Bush only used one criterion and look at the trouble we're in because of it. Oh, the single criterion Bush used was "WILLINGNESS" (to do what was asked by him of them). Any good CEO will tell you that at least one other criterion should be used; "ABILITY/COMPETENTCY" to do the job. It is obvious now from the examples of selecting Rumsfeld, former FEMA director "Brownie" and now today from the front page of all newspapers, Attorney General Robert Gonzales that only "Willingness" was the criterion chosen. I would say the same criterion was used to select Cheney but Cheney selected himself as he was the head of the committee charged with the responsibility to find a Vice President. Oh, and the criterion Cheney used was also "WILLINGNESS" (to do as I damn well please!)

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Blogger cognitorex said...

Ode to Harriet, Brownie and Alberto

I’ve passed a Masters course or two,
at MIT and NYU
Yet, Re: ‘Management’ I ne’er learned twas right
to solely appoint toadies and Umbilicytes.

(CAJ 2004)

5:13 AM  

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