Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Making Memorial Day special again.

There's talk of an additional "surge" of troops beyond current figures. A Hearst newspaper report suggests many ten's of thousands of troops will be added to the Iraq theater, as we rotate some forces to come home. Which means there will be an overlap of forces after September, which will significantly increase our footprint there. There isn't much reported about this but I heard this on my local CBS affiliate radio station in San Francisco an hour ago (KCBS).

Whether you agree with this or not, as we approach this Memorial Day weekend, I have a request to make to all my readers. When the flags are put at half-mast to honor the dead, we keep the flags at half-mast until the troops come home. To do this we need to put pressure on our Congressmen and Senators to pass a bill to require all U.S. Flags be required to be flown at half-mast until at least we have a 30 day period where no soldier is killed in combat. If you like this idea, pass it on and let's all make this Memorial Day have the meaning it was intended to have: To honor those fallen heroes who now, as was before them, gave their lives in service to this country.

God Bless them all and their families and God Bless America, because we really need it.

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Blogger Dayngr said...

Now that is a good idea!

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