Monday, November 19, 2007

The Musharraf distraction

Can you believe the world is focused on his clothing and not his actions? We insist he "take off" his Military uniform and put on something like an Armani or a Zegna suit. How about he take off, PERIOD!

There is nothing much dissimilar between Pakistan and the U.S. Pakistan is just further down the road to losing its democracy than we are but similar steps have been taken here, albeit chipping away at our Constitution a little slower than in one fell swoop. But it is happening just enough so that we don't wake up like the Pakistani's have, until it's too late. Oh one other difference, Pakistan Musharraf has been proud to wear his uniform and stay in the Military over the course of many years. President Bush couldn't wait to take his off when he was younger and in the Air National Guard and Vice President Cheney never wanted to wear the Military uniform, favoring Armani or more likely, Brooks Brothers suits instead.

Suggested reading: Naomi Wolf's latest book titled, "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot"

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Blogger cognitorex said...

Pakistan: Beware the Suits?

Salman Rushdie's take on Pakistan is that you either get a dictatorship and rolling promises of future elections or massive corruption with the Bhutto family. Considering this, it dawned on me that this explained the oddity of continuously seeing hordes of demonstrators dressed in suits and ties, the lawyers in waiting.

(Notes from Rushdie lecture on "The Culture Wars" Nov 6, 2007, Gt. Barrington, Ma.)

On a more serious note, Sir Salman opined that Pakistan is really quite secular and should not be willy nilly thrown into the Islamo-Fascist WWIII right wing propaganda debate category. That the demonstrators are in Western dress might in this light be deemed a very big socio political favorable.

Personally, I'm hopefully optimistic that the Pakistani engineering class as well, the guardians of the Pakistani nuclear weaponry, also favors a Western motif over Talibanic fashion, scimitar optional.

craig johnson

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